Frustrating control window interface

Hi. I like to fine tune my first layer for Z Offset, and ocasionally speed and flow rate, on the fly, using the TUNE function in the control window. My frustration is resulting from the number of times that I have inadvertantly set the machine into CHANGE FILAMENT mode instead, as the function is directly below the TUNE funtion, and the control wheel has a habit of moving up or down one selection if you don’t push it straight. It would really help a great deal if here were an interim “Are you sure?” press, before entering straight into the CHANGE FILAMENT mode, as that can’t be cancelled once selected. Anyone else have this issue or do I just have Homer Simpson hands?

Thanks for the feed back on the tune function. I would like to know what version of the firmware you are currently using. The firmware version should look like “” or similar, and will be displayed when the printer first turns on. It is also accessible if you go to the bottom of the main menu and click on “About Firmware.”

Let us know and I’ll make a ticket for this issue on our code site:

We have this feature request reported here:

I am using firmware version