Full 3D Printed Snowtrooper Armor


Back in October, I started work on one of the most intense 3D printing project I’ve personally done so far, two full sets of snow-trooper armor. My brother and I are both huge star wars fans and we knew that we wanted to do something cool for the opening of episode 7. Ever since we were young we’ve always wanted a set of stormtrooper armor, so it seemed that the time was right to attempt a crazy build. Given that the movie was coming out in winter, and The Empire Strikes Back is one of my favorites in the star wars saga, it seemed right to choose the snow-trooper as the armor we would build.
It was a lot of blood sweat and tears to get it done in time for when the Force Awakens opened in theaters, but in the end, it was a blast to work on and I’m really pleased with how it came out.

I’m planning on going through the whole presses of how I built them as much as I can in future posts.
However, there were some steps that were not as well documented due to time, as I needed to keep things moving as quickly as possible.

Here are some details about the project,
All the armor was printed with the Lulzbot Mini ( This little printer is a tank, I was printing almost back to back from mid-October to the first week of December with no problems at all )

I used 7 spools of 1k silver Village Plastics PLA (mostly, however, I did run out and had to use some blue eSun PLA for one of the backpacks)

Modeled most of the armor in Zbrush with some tweaking in Maya for a few pieces.
I also used Zbrush to cut most of the pieces to fit on the lulzbot mini.

Finally, I used simplify3d as my slicer.

Here are some quick images I took with my phone of the ( almost ) final product, I’ll be taking some better photos once I get done weathering the armor.

This project was so much fun to work on that I’ve already started thinking of other large scale projects to do this year! :smiley:

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That looks great. Well done.

Fully 3d printed AT-AT walker!

That’s inspiring. Awesome work!

@ - bboudreau | Thanks! :smiley:
@ - piercet | Don’t temp me! … but I think I may need a larger printer for that :slight_smile:
@ - kcchen_00 | Thanks!

Thanks for the comments guys, and I apologize for the delay in commenting back.
I’m really hoping to dig up some of the Zbrush files and post some screen shots of them with an update later this week.

This is amazing, fantastic work!

Amazing. Great work.

Incredible work, friend, where can I find this 3D file to buy or can someone sell me here?

Lot of time has passed. Do you know anyone that has the 3d files for the helmet only? I have the armor but waiting for the helmet is a pain.

Incredible Job! Great project!