Full Size Iron Man Helmet inverted

So Ive watched a few videos on printing this part with the normal orientation… That didnt make sense to me as you are using a TON of support, and it adds about 25 hours to the print.
I did this with 1.75mm PLA (with my metal rod hotend to hobbed mod) and it took 46 total hours at 70mm/s . I noticed there was a lot of X movement that was unnecessary too. So it may be able to be shortened. Little cleanup, little paint and shes all good.

I had no PLA heat creep. All i did was put that piece of electrical tape from the Hotend fan, and wrapped it halfway around the heat sink to even the air flow (thanks for the tip, other poster. cant remember name).

Very nice! What slicer did you use?


I did NOT take the time to sand it that well but it still came out ok.

Just curious, what was your layer height?

Great Job!!! Any other Iron Man parts?