Funny story about filament maker

So, I recently started up a new YouTube channel dedicated to making things and 3D Printing is a main topic.

I got an email from a filament maker saying they liked my reviews of a few products I did and they asked if I wanted to try some free samples of their filament, I said sure, I will give it an honest un biased review… Well I guess that scared them as they never got back to me or sent any filament, I even emailed them 3 weeks later to ask if they still planned on sending me samples but the silence was defining!

Guess they don’t want an “Unbiased” review :wink:

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear someone say that they did not step into corruption in order to make a couple of dollars.

I am tired of reading Amazon reviews from people who were given free samples for their unbiased reviews, who then give great reviews only to read down in the one/two star sections how the item is utter crap. To be honest, I don’t think someone should be able to review something without purchasing it, otherwise it is just a commercial/advertising.

Totally agree with you! I think every person should be honest when writing a review of a product, because one day he will read all those “great” comments of a product and buy it and it will turn out to be a lie!