Gettin Ready!

Leveled my printer, locked it to the wall, table is all locked down solid!.. as they say a monkey could hang off that, and this monkey probably will…
anyway added the ‘led light option’ glad I did…this is my first 3d printer so I wanted to make everything real solid I might be crankin things up later so just in case!

Really would not mount to the wall. There is a good reason it has rubber feet on it.

the rubber feet did not all touch the table and the machine was not level to my liking (see shims)… the top support is to help stabilize the top from vibrations as it runs…my way of doing things I’m anal like that!.. that way I can sleep better knowing . it’s not mounted to the wall… the bars are tieing it into the wall making it solid! needed or not it got it!

Thanks for the advice!