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Just got a taz 6 bought it a microcenter my 1st 3d printer (I come from cnc milling and wanted to add a printer) anyhow they also had a mini on display and printed the octopus while I watched…really nice of them …helped to make my decision
while I waited there was a guy buying one of each in line told me he has 5 of them now …that made me feel real good!.. preparing my area for the printer …table frame is level and anchored in place, table top is level and locked down, everything is rock solid… now I wait forthe polycoat to dry

Congrats and welcome! You’ll find that your printer will happily chug along as long as it’s on a stable surface. It doesn’t need to be super level-- your printer will happily print, even on it’s side!

Thanks I guess I over think things …so since I got this far I might as well finish my madness! (even tho it might not matter to anyone but me)
1.) the top two corner plastic pieces are not flat so there is a gap… we don’t really know if the printer is level so I make level from the rails
2.) shown are shims used to level and support the printer as my table top is not ‘flat’ …I have one more ‘stabilizer’ to add and I’ll take a ‘cleaned up’ photo
3.) also when I went to install my printer head the hole was slightly off so I had to tilt it a little to get the bolt started will that affect the prints? also looks like a metal washer would be nice to add I’ll do that too…

the rest of the pics