Getting filament to stick to bed

i am having trouble getting the filament to stick tot he bed so when my print starts, the base layer is all over the place and i wind up with a huge mess. How do i get it to stay in place as the print progresses?
I have tried different temps for the bed. It does it with PLA and ABS

Using a LULZBOT TAZ workhorse with the new magnetic bed

Did you adjust the z offset in the firmware? I have a different printer (sidekick 747), but it sounds like yours might be too high. I’m not sure if you can adjust it on the workhorse. I think mine is set at -9.3. I think they say to try 9.1 and then move down from there in small increments if you’re not getting a great first layer.

But I’m a newb, so be careful…

Check that you have the heated bed turned on - it sounds silly but the same thing happened to me. I updated the firmware and my heated bed settings reverted back to 0 degrees

I also adjusted the z offset while my first layer was printing. I had to go much lower that what was recommended

It sounds like your nozzle offset is too high. The magnetic bed does sit higher than the original glass/pei bed by about 1.5mm.

You may want to test a few different Z-offsets to see what works best for you.

LulzBot says you’ll need to adjust the Z-offset up (from whatever you used to use for glass/pei) by +1.5mm.

An offset of +0.3 might be a good starting point and you can tweak it from there.

See step 7 on this page:

As for “staying in place” as the print progresses… you shouldn’t be having issues with PLA, but ABS is tricky and usually requires an enclosure to keep the heat in and block any drafts. ABS contracts as it cools… upper layers are not directly on the bed so they can cool more and that means they contract more… this puts more tension on the top layer than there is on the bottom layer … and the part warps with the corners pulling up (and the part can break free entirely).

ABS, Nylon, and PC all need enclosures to reduce warping.

An alternative for ABS might be to switch to PETG. PETG has similar material qualities to ABS … but it’s easier to print and doesn’t need an enclosure (it’s a low-warp material). PETG is usually printed on glass with PVA glue stick as a release agent (e.g. Elmers glue-stick) and DO NOT FORGET the release agent because PETG sticks REALLY REALLY well if printed directly on glass (as in … good chance of breaking the glass while trying to release it).

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