Girl with an effectively dead printer :(

Long story short, I flashed the firmware on my Taz 4 with the newest one available on the downloads page. Taking careful note of the ESteps that were set, etc. Double checked, everything and kicked off a companion cube print!

First and second layers printed ok, I noticed a bit of blobbing at the start…but it worked itself out.
After a few layers things fall apart. I start to notice the sound of the tip grinding (for lack of a better word) on the previous layers. So I let it print a bit longer and come back to this:

Total print time to make this mess was under 10 min. I’m using the downloaded PLA slic3r profile - everything done as I normally would. Something had to have changed in the firmware. It’s almost like it’s not stepping the z axis up enough after each layer.

Anyone have any advice?

Any chance you inadvertantly loaded the Taz 5 firmware? The hot end settings are much different. Also, are you sure you have a Taz 4?

The picture there looks like a Taz 3 trying to run a taz 4 firmware, or a Taz 4 trying to run a Taz 3 firmware, etc. The Z steps isn’t looking right at all.

Can you post a picture of your printer here so we can tell which model you are dealing with and then find you the correct firmware?

Happy to provide all the info I can.

The printer itself in all it’s glory. Bonus: messy workbench.

Picture of the extruder

A Yoda I printed out a few weeks ago - to show that it did infact work once! :wink:

Bootup shot of firmware

Link to firmware being uploaded:

Even tried it with the Cura installation method thinking something might be funky with the download OR my Arduino libraries. Got the same issue.

That sure looks like the right firmware and you definitely have a Taz 4. Might be worth a call to support even out of warranty. There may be something wrong with the firmware download irself, possibly it’s pulling from the wrong location. Also try the one directly from download.lulzbot.Com in the Taz folder then under the 4.0 directory. On a tablet at the moment so I cant easily get you the full link. But that’s a different copy than the one you have so it might work. Another option for you would be the copy of the firmware in the development forum project for adding status indicator lights to a taz.

Tried that firmware also. That was not agreeable with the machine didnt even boot.

However - I’ve found that in the firmware that I posted originally the code:

#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT   {100.5,100.5,1600,850}  // default steps per unit for TAZ {X,Y,Z,E}

SO Z Step: 1600 – Once uploaded however the Z steps displayed on the screen and from a M503 command are showing
Z Step:400

Is this normal behavior? I normally don’t dive into the Marlin firmware much. If it’s not any ideas where it’s pulling the 400 number from?

Side note: When I raise the Z axis - it doesn’t sound like it should. The pitch of the motors is different. I assume from not moving as fast as it did prior to the flash.

If I remember right the leadscrews on the 4 use a higher step value so you probably have the wrong firmware on it somehow. Also is 850 your correct step value? I don’t have my printer with me at the moment so I can’t check mine for you.

Edit the firmware steps values are stored in the configuration.h file.

You should be getting 1600 back for the Z steps, 400 is the value for the TAZ3 machine with the old style Z screws.

Yeah it’s weird the steps are right in the configuration.h file (1600 for z) - and everything I can find says it’s the correct firmware. But once it’s flashed I get the incorrect values. Using the M92 command I edited the settings and stored them with M500. Seems to stick even after a reboot. It’s just so…weird.

Exactly! I even mounted a digital dial indicator to the head. Once I changed the setting (via above) and moved the head up 10 mm I confirmed that it was moving the correct distance. Actually 1605 gave me spot on 10, but I’ll leave it alone for now.

Printing decently again, still a few tweaks needed. I’m going to ask that support check out this thread and see what they can advise. Something is funky. Wanted to start to look into auto leveling but until I figure out WHY this is happening I don’t think I’ll mess with that just yet.

Thanks everyone for your help in all this.