TAZ Z Axis Issue

So I bought a second hand TAZ off eBay, according to the previous owner it started life as a 4 and had been upgraded to a 5, it has also been flashed with TAZ 5 firmware, now after fixing a whole host of transit related issues, I put the latest TAZ 5 firmware on from here:


These are the settings as reported by M503 through Octoprint:

My issue is this, for some reason the Z axis is just not moving far enough per layer height change, I am confident that this is not a mechanical issue and am wondering if it is an e step issue?

For comparison, here is a photo of two roctopus test prints, the red one was produced by my Lulzbot Mini & th green one by the TAZ:

Any help much appreciated.

Hello IKBUK,

I am not sure if this will help, but see if it is a different firmware than the download you used:
This should be the correct one.

Also as far as Esteps, that will just be the amount of filament that the extruder will put out. Increasing the Esteps will increase the amount of filament extruded. This is all calibrated on a 100mm calibration. Please use this for the process to set up the E steps properly:
This will work the same for the Taz5.
Once you reflash the firmware, see if you have the same Z issues.

There may be something else going on, but I would start here.