Hello Forum
I am using the taz5 with cura 19.12 i am submitting a few pics for your visual as to assit you in providing me with any advice or help. i have printed these parts before 2 days ago before today.
they are just rectangle shapes.

Did you upgrade your firmware recently? It’s looking like you have the wrong Z steps value. That or you are massivly overextruding. That or printing PLA wihtout a fan or something

yes i have updated the cura to 19.12 and acording i had to change my settings
a-retract 3000
xsteps 100.50
ysteps 100.50
zsteps 0800.0
esteps 0824.0
e1stps 0800.00

We would recommend a re-flash, as we are not 100% sure what else may have been changed. Piercet was spot on however, the Z steps on a TAZ 5 should be 1600. This will cause your printer to move in the Z direction half as far as you need to, causing results as you see.

ZSTEPS should have been 1600 for my unit taz5
per 19.12 firmware update base on the website stated!!
Update your Extruder Steps Per Unit
Using your Graphical LCD controller update your Esteps by navigating to: Control (or Configuration) >Motion > Esteps/mm. Adjust the value there by using the control knob.
Save the value by navigating back through the menu and select Store Memory.

Your Extruder steps per unit will be included on your test acceptance paperwork, and will be unique for each machine. (These are calibrated before leaving the factory.) The Esteps/mm is the only setting you need to update.

The other corresponding values correspond to movement controls.

A-retract = acceleration of retraction moves
Xsteps/mm = Movement control in X
Ysteps/mm = Movement control in Y
Zsteps/mm = Movement control in Z
Esteps/mm = How much filament you extrude (guide for manually determining this)

All of these settings (minus retract) are determined by hardware. If you swap out any movement control items (belt, pulley, pitch of lead screw, etc) on your X/Y/Z axis these numbers will need to be updated to reflect that change. At the same point, Esteps will be unique to each tool head. When swapping between tool heads it is a good idea to update these as well.

If you don’t mind what page did you see that photo on? We can look into doing some highlighting things to make things a little easier.