Has anyone modelled the TAZ hexagon hot end in 3d?

As the title pretty much says, I’m looking for a 3d model of the hexagon hot end that comes with the TAZ5.
I saw this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/4gh2na/i_made_an_e3d_insulator_to_improve_print_cooling/
and the overhangs this guy gets are AMAZING so I wanted to do try it out.

Before I possibly reinvented the wheel, I was hoping someone out there had already modelled the hot end and I could just piggy back.

For my own records (I’m at work so can’t model this here now) I’ve found this:
Which is golden because now I don’t have to use calipers :slight_smile:

This might work better than the new development hot end.


Half way there… Maybe… Still have to draw the outside block but that should be pretty quick. Might have to do some modification to this block so that removing the silicone after casting is easier but so far I think I’m not too far off the mark…

HexagonHeaterBlock.STL (54.3 KB)
HexagonHeaterBlock.SLDPRT (115 KB)