Has anyone tried Cura LulzBot Edition v3.6.22 yet?

I saw a reply from FAME that they updated LE Cura but, it looks like they just repackaged with their new hobby 1.7mm print head. Is that a fair assessment?

I’m using CuraLE 3.6.22 successfully. I purchased an M175 tool head for my TAZ 6 and 3.6.22 has support (profiles and firmware) for that.

That’s an update…

Repackaged = Update.

Anything else new added?

That’s setting a very low bar for “update.”

You win, @subnoize. The OP wanted to know if anyone had tried it and I have. Feel free to call it a repackage if you like.

No, it’s english…

I deleted 3.6.20, so I could do a clean install of 3.6.22. After downloading and installing, I get a message

cx_freeze: Python error in main script (traceback unavailable)
Error in sys.excepthook
Exception: cannot import name ‘Application’
Original Exception: No module named ‘sip’

After repeating three times, I gave up. I don’t see any way to download 3.6.20.

Previous Cura LE install files are available on the download site at

Hey Buddy!
Its being very grate to have you guys but will you please tell me all the update’s have been Repackaged from starting to yet , it’s a humble request if you want to helps…
thanks in advance.