Has anyone tried to replace the PEI on the new Lulzbot flex?

I’ve been using the new lulzbot flex surface for about 2 months now (Taz Workhorse) and have been really happy with it. Unfortunately, today a piece of the PEI chipped off in the middle of the surface. Has anyone tried to replace the print surface on one of the flexible sheets? It seems a bit on the thin side. Changing it on the glass was pretty straight forward.



Spare flex plates seem to be available on the lulzbot site… there are a lot of generic PEI powder coated plates online that work on the same magnetic principle.

Hey Joel,

Funny you should ask, because just last night I peeled off and replaced the sheets from my flex plate setup for my Taz6. I have two flex build plates that I use. And it was very straightforward. No heat or solvent needed.

Just use your fingernails, a razor or putty knife to start one of the edges and then with the flex plate laying flat on a table begin to peel the sheet up using a rolling motion.

Use one hand to peel and the other to firmly hold the metal plate down.

Once removed, clean the metal plate using alcohol or other solvent to remove the oils from your hand print.

Then install the replacement print surface just like a screen protector on a cellphone, smoothing it flat and avoiding bubbles.

Hope this helps & Happy printing!

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