Head cleaning issue - auto leveling?

I have the TAZ 6. I have not printed in a while, today went to print something and the machine will not get past auto leveling. I have cleaned the nozzle. It will touch the front left sensor and then move to the front right sensor and it appears that it doesn’t even touch it, then it goes to rewipe the nozzle and tries again. Does this twice and then rises the head and displays “Probe Fail Clean Noz”. I have check all wire connections and they seamed to be all good. What am I missing?

For troubleshooting, I would check the alignment of the X-axis. Measure the height from the bed to the horizontal bar (where the extruder slides) at the left and right ends. Adjust the Z-screws manually where necessary so that the bar is parallel with the bed. Then try again.

I agree with TigerMike.

Ensure the two z-axis jack screws set to the same height.

Aside from that, ensure the tip of nozzle has electrical continuity with the heater block by using a multimeter or test lamp. It is also possible that the nozzle had caked on plastic at it’s tip, or within that requires cleaning and a reseating.

I will give this a try and let you know, ty

When I measure the distance from the bed to the bottom bar on both sides there is a 1/16" difference. When I measure from the top bar to the frame both sides are the same, I also check the frame for square and it is. So this indicates that the bed is not parallel to the frame. If I adjust the z-screws to make the bar parallel to the bed then it is not with the frame, will this be a problem?

Should not be a problem. It is important that the horizontal bar(s) are parallel to the bed. That in turn suggests that the hot end is also parallel to the bed (and corner washers).

That did it, works great! Thank you!