Help...Extruder Motor is working but no filament being extruded

I am noticing that no filament is coming out of my print head. The extruder motor is turning etc but nothing is coming out. Is this a clog? Is the gear that pulls the filament screwed up? Is there a writeup on how to clean head?

I was in the middle of a print and I noticed the printer stopped dead in its tracks and had been left there with the hot end on for 3 hours with nGen in it. What could this have caused?

Thanks for you help…


Here’s the steps I would take:

  1. Open the filament clamp that holds it against the hobbed bolt. Heat the nozzle up to appropriate temperature for your material and try to manually extrude the filament by pushing it into the nozzle. If you can extrude material then you don’t have a clog most likely.

  2. If step 1 goes well, check your hobbed bolt to see if the valleys of the teeth are filled with filament. Use your supplied pointy poker stick and wire brush to clean out the teeth.

  3. Check your clamp tightness to make sure there is enough force to allow the teeth to bite into the filament instead of spinning against the filament.

  4. If you can’t advance the filament manually in step 1, you probably have a clog and it will depend on your material you were printing how you proceed. Most likely start with a cold pull (search the forums, there are good explanations of how to do it). If it was ABS the nozzle can be removed and soaked in acetone. But that would be my last thing I do.


Manually extruding was the winner. Must have been clogged or something. Thanks!

Be sure to make sure your jobbed bolt teeth are clean and also make sure your filament clamp is tight. The filament. Might be slipping and tightening the clank a bit may prevent future problems :slight_smile:

Glad you’re on your way!