help lukzbot taz 6

My Lulzbot Taz 6 starts to print then stops saying probing bed or the bed leveling failed and keeps re-wiping the nozzle. I’m using PLA ooznest 1.75mm if that makes any difference. :blush:

If you’re just getting started with the LulzBot TAZ 6 we highly recommend using 3 mm filament. If you’re getting that error, replace your nozzle wiping pad (written for LulzBot Mini users, you’ll do something similar):

Reach out to the support team for detailed help if replacing your wiper pad doesn’t help:

I’ve changed it still nothing. I’ve used a scotch pad and i have also measured that the axis point to make sure they are the same. :question:

Reach out to the support team at, include as many pictures as you can, and information on your slicer and material profiles used. They’ll be able to offer detailed help for your particular situation.