Help with banding & poor overall quality

Hey all,

My Taz6 has always run very reliably, but has never produced very high quality prints. I’ve printed with PLA, ABS, and PETG; and have now returned to PLA.

Below are pics of my most recent print. You can see that I’m getting pretty severe banding. This was done with the stock Taz6 PLA settings (attached). Filament is eSun 3mm cool white PLA.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Only one of your images showed up (I think there is a problem with the forum software, I’ve had trouble attaching multiple images recently too).

Looking at that image, the first thing I would check is belt tension and pulley set screws. Also check that your filament is consistent diameter, and that the correct diameter is entered into the slicer.

If that doesn’t help – post some more photos and I’m sure others will jump in with additional ideas as to what may be wrong.

I’d strart by updating to the latest Taz firmware. There was a version that some printers shipped with that PID auto tune (the process where the hotend automatically adjusts itself to the current conditions of its surroundings) was replaced with a piece of code known as the “bang /bang” tune style, and it resulted in prints that looked like that. If you have already done that upgrade, I would look for a severely warped leadscrew or something majorly out of alignment. That is not normal quality at all. If you are under warranty you may want to call support.

If you are out of warranty, you may want to look into the Taz 6 anti wobble and openbuilds rail projects.

Sorry about the image issue. I think the second pic may actually provide some clues (below).

The print is showing some spider-webbing. Based on a little research, webbing can be caused by overheating the PLA, right? If that’s the case, maybe I should try dropping the hot-end temperature, or increasing fan speed. I can also search the forums for someone else’s recommended print profile for eSun PLA.

I will check firmware update and pully/leadscrew adjustment as you guys mentioned.

Update for today; I made some tweaks and haven’t seen improvement.

  • Lowered hot end temp from 205 to 195

  • Increased retraction speed to 20

  • Increased retraction amount to 2.5

  • Tightened idler screws

  • Checked all belts and leadscrews, no issues found

I’m seeing banding, bulging on corners of the part, and webbing. GCode and pics are attached.

Any advice much appreciated!!

PLA, Working 01.ini (13.1 KB)

I don’t print PLA, but some of the artifacts on those prints look a lot like what I see with wet PETG or Nylon… Could your PLA be damp? As a test, you could bake a length of filament at 45C for a few hours – then run a test print with that to see if results are better.