Help diagnose print issue

Hi, new user here with little experience. In fact I’m writing about my 3rd print ever, the first two being roctopi. Can anyone help me guess what might have caused the anomalies in the print shown below?

New Taz 6, printing with current Lulzbot Cura with the ABS high quality profile and Village Plastics ABS.


You were slightly too close at start, may want to adjust the z offset. Also looks like there was some lifting at the bow, raise the bed temperature a bit. Make sure the filament cooling fans were off entirely, and maybe raise the abs temperature a little.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I’ll be trying again today with some different settings and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I just went through something similar and after some experimentation it was the filament diameter. Default is 2.85 and when I changed it to 3.0 (using eSUN HIPS) it was vastly improved. At 3.05 the hull is about as smooth as can be. Give that a shot.

Hey Ho

Increasing the filament diameter has the same effect as decreasing the flow factor.
If you measure the actual filament diameter and then adjust the flow rate you end up with less trials after changing the filament.

All the Best