Help with HIPS!

Hey guys,

We are getting some decent prints with HIPS (we are using the proper settings and a thin starting layer) but we seem to be getting some tapering in the print. The base layer will start almost undersized and then grow outwards as the print progresses.

Here are some pictures of the issue:

Has anyone encountered anything like this before? Anyone know how to fix it?


Most of that is due to the HIPS lifting from the bed at the edges. You may want to try a large brim to get better adhesion. You may also be slightly underextruding. As the lifting gets more pronounced with additional layers, you end up with essentually a backlog of fillament and in this case it starts compensating for the underextrusion by those upper layers. I would suspect that in about 20 or so more layers, you’ll start seeing spotty issues again. Check the fillament diameter and make sure it is set in Cura properly