Helping out the maintenance man

A few weeks ago the guy who keeps things running at work asked if I could help out with some fan blades on a coolant pump. The original blades were held on by a setscrew thru the side of the plastic hub. It kept coming lose and had chewed up the shaft.
I do not like setscrews even when they are not threaded thru a plastic hub so I designed some blades with a tapered bushing that would bridge the chewed part of the shaft and clamp on the better parts.

Original fan

Replacement and the tapered bushing
A little bit under extruded but it is working just fine.

I like it Andre!
It looks like your tapered solution has three screws that pull the taper deeper into the fan hub, correct? If so, that’s a great idea!
Very cool!

Yes, there are 3 hex counter bores in the bottom that I put nuts into. I was going to put a head on the bushing but I was running out of room and did not know if it would be thick enough so I just used a fender washer on top of the bushing, drilled three holes in it for the bolts to push the busing into the fan part.

I did not get a pic of it installed, job was late and we needed to get the lathe running.
It run very true and has not blown up yet, it is just ABS, I really should get something better for this kind of thing.

Nice part!

Thanks, but it really just blows.
Oh it’s been a long day.

If you reversed polarity it would just suck. Badumbum. Ding.

Wow what a design and what a fantastic print! So this is just blowing air then? Probably a lot cheaper fix than using the original items! Well done Andre B

Yes it is the fan on the end of a TEFC (Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled) motor, probably the most common type of motor you will find in a factory.

Ahh thanks for sharing :slight_smile: How long has your modification been running for now?