HIPS and ABS curling/warping in areas of first layer

I received my Taz 5 last week and have been using cura with the recommended profile settings and after numerous changes I finally got it to print parts with pretty good success but I have random issues with the first layer. Sometimes it lays flat in one area and then starts warping in another or vise versa. Almost like there is a chemical causing it to peel. I have tried sanding with 2000 grit which helped some and then tried using acetone to wipe the bed down which has also helped a bit but the issue still remains. Maybe someone can provide some insight on what might be wrong. Other than that the rest of the part seems to print just fine and all the other layers look great. This has though caused a few parts that were thin to release from the bed and eventually warp. Below is a picture of what I am experiencing.

I had the same issue with Cura. I switched to using Slic3r.

Under Printer Settings, in the “advanced” section increase your first layer size. I was having this same issue with my top layer and changing this setting did the trick. I have mine set to .5 for first layer (I also had to increase my top layer as well)

Hope this helps!

Check that the bed is level… Also check the nozzle distance from the bed… It might be too close to the bed. Adjust so that a business card can slide through with some friction. Lastly check that the x-axis rods are parallel to your bed…

The skirt and perimeter look good, but the rest of the bottom looks as though the filament isn’t being extruded evenly. Which is why I think the nozzle might be too close to the bed or the nozzle is skewed (not parallel to the bed).

So this is Brand new out of the box? When I had problems with curling with my Mini, first it was the file it was a revision to one I had done before, BUT I added a part and grouped, turned out it whole thing was not level across the bottom. But I also needed to raise my bed temps (ABS) and extruder temps and put a thermal blanket enclosure around the machine.

I am sure once you get things dialed in, and I am keeping a log book for materials and temps, it will be fine.