hot end cooled down mid-print, now won't heat up

I just got my mini on Saturday and the spool of [official Lulzbot] PLA filament I ordered arrived today and I followed the changing filament directions properly and everything worked okay. So I load up adafruit’s new pi-zero case to print, and it goes through everything okay, though the PLA doesn’t extrude until halfway through the first layer.
I cancel the print, clean the bed, and try again, this time, the extruder is working perfectly and the first layer prints beautifully, so I let it go. Unfortunately, ONLY the first layer printed, and the hot end cooled down, though the X,Y,and Z motors still continued. After a while [about half an hour], I looked at the print and couldn’t quite tell how far along it was[dim room, black filament], so I pulled up the control screen and saw a long chain of “prevented cold extrusion” error messages.
I canceled the print and tried again, this time, the hot end didn’t even start heating up.
I have tried restarting the software, turning the printer off for a few minutes, then starting it up again, unplugging the printer for a few minutes, then plugging it in again and turning it on. The hot end still refuses to heat up.
Please tell me I didn’t break the hot end my second print! :blush:

Bad news it that it sounds like your heater element died. I doubt that you did anything to “break” it.

The good news is that Lulzbot service is very good. Contact support by phone or email ( and I’m sure they will get you printing again soon.

BTW: On my TAZ 5, I tend to “prime” the extruder before starting a print to avoid that issue an incomplete first layer. My priming procedure is to lift the print head off the bed by ~30mm heat up the hotend, and then extruding 10mm increments until the extrusion starts. I then home the print head and start the print.

Thanks! I sent support an email. I’ll keep that procedure in mind, too! :slight_smile: