Lulzbot mini 2 won't print

I teach middle school. I just received a hand me down Lulzbot mini 2 from the high school. I can load filament and it will extrude without an issue when I click the Cura button to extrude. When I try to print the first thing it does is back the filament out before the bed leveling. It continues to think it’s printing, but the filament is no longer in the extruder. Any suggestions?

The start gcode (and end gcode) are part of the printer settings in Cura. The start gcode contains the commands that tell the printer to home the axis and then execute the auto-leveling sequence. The first thing to check is if these commands are correct for your printer.

The firmware in the printer is responsible for converting gcode coordinates (in mm usually) into the number of steps needed in X, Y, Z, and E. Verify that you have the correct firmware for your printer and tool head.

The e-step value needs to be set for each different tool head. Many of the tool heads from LulzBot have the proper e-step value printed on a sticker sometimes on the back which means the only way to see it is to remove the tool head. If you don’t have the sticker, then the correct e-step value can be calculated. The procedure is documented in these forums, just search for e-step calibration.

Once you have verified that Cura is properly configured and the firmware in the printer is correct, then if the problem still exists, we will have somewhere to start looking.