How fast does PLA absorb moisture

I bought some PLA filament from Matterhackers a few weeks ago. It printed perfectly without any issues on my TAZ 5 Aerostruder. About a few days ago I printed some objects with some PETG filament. I had to take apart the toolhead to clean it and put it back together and it seemed to work with my PLA filamt, but will jam anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours after the start of printing. I did not change any setting on the printer so the only thing could be moisture absorption. However, I live in a dry environment that is between 20 to 30 percent humid. Can this jam be caused by the filament absorbing moisture or could it be something else?

If your humidity is that low you are not likely to have moisture problems with PLA.

How much disassembly did you do on the toolhead and hotend to clean it?

When I switch from PetG back to PLA I load it at 230C and extrude it until PLA comes out, (usually liquified). Perhaps you still have some PetG still in there? I would also suggest doing that and cool it down to 160c then retracting it. 60mm seems to be a good number for this. Thinking this action that some reminant PetG will cling on to the PLA as you retract it out. I assume the aerostruder print head works the same on the TAZ 5 as it does on the TAZ 6. I also recommend using a silicone soc on it.