How to edit Taz 6 "Rewiping" gcode?

When the Tax 6 I’m using needs to rewipe a dirty head, the Z value is set too low, and the pad is getting destroyed. I’ve been able to edit the first wipe by going into the “Start gcode” in the machine profile, but as far as I can tell, that code doesn’t change the “Rewiping” routine. How do I edit that part of the gcode? I’m using Cura Lulzbot Edition.

Reach out to the support team for assistance. Your hot end nozzle should not need extensive cleaning, if you’re encountering the rewipe sequence often they’ll be able to offer some items to check:

To answer your question though, the rewipe sequence is part of the firmware. It can be changed but you’ll need to recompile the firmware and flash it to your device. Reaching out to the support team to eliminate the need for a rewipe should be your first step.