Nozzle misses the wiper pad

Is the nozzle supposed to start in the middle of the pad (x axis) or to the right?

I noticed in another thread that someone said X=-19 is supposed to be right of the centre of the pad for the TAZ 6. It is exactly the same on my Workhorse. However, the Gcode for my printer however starts at X=-15 for wiping and moves back and forth between -17. That’s off to the right, but the nozzle hits on just one side.

The Gcode also specifies Z of 1. That’s far too low and the bed is bending down somewhat under the pressure.

The machine is otherwise correctly levelled, calibrated, and Z offset stored. Why is the Gcode wrong? Do I need to alter it?

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It’s possible to change out the head and this can require changes in g-code (a different head wont necessarily position the nozzle at the exact same spot). Have you changed the toolhead?

I’m in the …/cura/resources/gcodes folder and comparing the TAZ 6 vs TAZ Workhorse generic ‘start’ g-codes (not g-codes for any specific extruder head) and those are identical (other than minor formatting of comment text).

Are you on a mac or a PC?

I might be able to point you to the folder where the start g-codes are stored (the software has all the g-codes for all the printer & head combinations that are supported).

Thanks again for the response!

I found this page but I can’t see any of the gcode under there (I tried “find .” within Terminal to find all files under that folder, but there’s no gcode - also tried “find . -name gcodes”). Using a Mac.

Anyway, I modified the start gcode within Cura slightly for my printer. Changed the x wipe from -15/-17 to -18/-20 and also the z from 1 to 4 and it wipes properly now. Those values are just completely wrong for my printer.

Toolhead is the 0.5mm HE which is the default one supplied with the Workhorse. New printer, toolhead never removed.

On the mac, the g-codes are located in:


A tricky bit is to decipher the names once you are in that directory. Product codenames for printers are based on names of trees. Product codenames for extruders are based on caterpillars.

For example, the TAZ Workhorse is ‘redgum’ and the HE 0.5mm extruder is the ‘goldenrod’. So the name of the file is ‘lulzbot_redgum_goldenrod_start.gcode’.

The TAZ 5 & 6 are a bit easier because those actually have taz5 or taz6 in the name.

Names I have found:
Achemon = SL 0.25mm head
Cecropia = SE 0.5mm head
Banded Tiger = HS 0.8mm head
Dingy Cutworm = HS+ 1.2mm head

The dual head & flexy are easy because that’s in the file name.

When you create a new printer profile, Cura LulzBot Edition asks the model of the printer and print head and knows how to find and add the correct g-code. But the above location is the folder where all those g-codes are located.

This is great info! I was looking inside /Library and didn’t even think to look inside the app bundle.

grep “move above wiper pad” *

…shows that none of the other machine/toolhead combos use the same X offset that I’ve found positions my toolhead over the wiper pad. I contacted Lulzbot support and they’ve suggested a number of steps including resetting/reinstalling Cura, reflashing the printer’s firmware, and restoring its factory settings. I will try that today and will report back.

Also don’t forget to check here:

~/Library/Application Support/cura-lulzbot/3.6

There are actually quite a few locations where cura related files show up. To find them all, I have an uninstaller named “App Clearner & Uninstaller Pro” and it finds quite a few places that have cura-related files & folders.