Stopping and Restarting a print

I have a 20 hr print I would like to do. I know I can pause and cool down and leave the printer on all night. I would rather not do that . The power supply gets hot.Does anyone know of a way to stop shut down and restart a print?

There’s no elegant way to do that. You can, if you find the correct line you stopped at, and are able to set the current x.y.z position correctly, since you potentially won’t be able to home the printer with a large object being present.

Is there a reason why you don’t just let the print go from start to finish?

I’ve printed a part that took about 22 hours.

The power supply won’t overheat if that’s what you’re worried about.

Would rather not leave the printer unattended. Don’t want to damage it if the print was to fail. And there is also the fire hazard.

FWIW I have printed with my Taz 3 for more than 3 days solid without turning it off (multiple jobs) :astonished: I do however have it on a metal stand away from the walls (so if it caught on fire it would not probably not migrate) and keep tabs on it with cameras. I also keep a smoke detector mounted right above it…