How to stop Lulzbot TAZ 2.1 Safely

Hi, I’ve been wondering, if I want to cancel a print job on my Lulzbot TAZ 2.1 safely, how would I go about doing this?

main power off, PSU off are the two quickest ways. You can also wire an emergency stop inline with the mains and add a big red button if you like.

It would appear that there is no way to Cancel a print safely.
I’ve asked about this about a year ago and have been following threads on the subject here and elsewhere.

Someone called Piercet gave you an answer that is pretty much what I keep hearing.
I think he is saying something like, are you stupid or what.

The TAZ6 printer does not have a built in script to take care of properly canceling a print.
I really don’t understand why Lulzbot TAZ6 manufacturing/designing people do not understand that when
you want to cancel a print, “say through the LCD screen”, the printer should do the following;
1 - stop XY motion
2 - move the extruder away from the print
3 - do a logical shutdown procedure.

I really do not like to abort a print under most situations, but occasionally I find that I’ve made a major mistake
in my design or printing configuration.
I would really like to tell the machine to shut down in a straightforward and logical manner so as
not to muck up the extruder, burn the filament or cause any damage to my treasured TAZ6 printer.
So far, I’ve not been able to find the answer to that very basic question.
When I shut down a print through the LCD screen, I need to do lots of manual moves etc. that cause much frustration.
I’m not angry.
Sorry if I sound that way.