How To: TFT LCD with TouchUI on Raspberry Pi OctoPi Rig

After 3 painful days… I got TouchUI working on my Lulzbot Mini with OctoPi. If anyone is interested in doing this, you can add a TFT for $21 (CAD) to your Pi and get TouchUi running. Here’s my write-up.

Pretty neat. I’m about to do something similar but maybe with the 7 inch pi touch screen.
Wanted to know how you did your wiring.
Is there a way to power the raspberry pi with the lulzbot power supply or do you have two plugs going into your wall (one for the pi and one for the lulzbot)?

Thanks for the write up.

Thx. Good idea re power. However, I use a separate power supply. That said, I think it would be pretty easy to find a 5V rail.