HS+ Head Taz 6 Major Issues!

I did the HS+ upgrade. When trying to do a print with a raft, the extruder is running at a ridiculous speed.

I also am getting probe failures like mad.

Now the extruder motor has over heated and stopped.

This is the first print out of the box.

Also, I am using Cura for Lulzbot 3.3.32 and printing over the air with octoprint 1.3.11

Hmm, I would first recommend updating to Cura 3.6.18 as the 3.2.32 version is quite a bit outdated. You can see all of the improvements we have made sense then here: https://code.alephobjects.com/w/cura-lulzbot/ You can get the latest here: lulzbot.com/cura

You will also notice on our next release notes, we made an update to the firmware to help the TAZ with the accessory tool heads. Please update the firmware, re-slice the model using the latest cura LE and give it another try. If you can print from SD card it will also eliminate any possibility of communication issues via octoprint or USB cable.

We hope this helps!

I did the upgrade per the instructions, which included the firmware update. I will try your suggestions and report back! Thank you for the quick reply!

Connected to the Taz w/ USB Cable.
Firmware on the printer is:
Cura LE is: 3.6.18
Esteps/mm is showing 420

The extruder speed is way out of whack.

Are there any defaults to start with on this head?

I looks like the Cura LE profile for the printer when I initially set it up had “Marlin (Volumetric)” as the default GCode Flavor. That was the only difference I could see as I set up another printer for testing over USB with Marlin as the GCode flavor and that went well. I did the 20x20mm cube test and minus a couple of under extrusion issues, the test is what I would expect. Thanks for all the help here to get me rolling.

We are glad you got it sorted! That is new one I hadn’t heard of before, and will keep an eye out for it. We appreciate the update.