Installation X/Y Home issue

Just put together our new Taz 5. Homed the X & Y and the print nozzle ended up above the corner clip on the bed (would have run into it if I hadn’t raised it in the Z axis). The quick start instructions do not seem to cover homing X or Y, Should we hit “Motors off” and turn the axis to shift the home position away from the bed clips (which the head will bash into if the z is at home level)?

I would loosen the y bed mounts just enough to let you slide it back just far enough so it will clear the bed corner, then re tighten things. That should take care of it.

I was thinking of turning the motors off and rotating the motors until it was away from the corner clip. Loosening the screws & shifting the bed seems more drastic- do you think that’s the answer? And why doesn’t anyone else seem to need to do this (it’s not in the manual)? But thanks so much for the quick answer!!

your “fix” will reset itself the next time you home your printer. therefore piercet is correct.

Thank you both- I appreciate the help! And i spoke with tech support at Lulzbot today and they confirmed your fix- loosen the 4 screws & shift the bed to a better xy home. I will do this. Thanks for the help!