Y axis setting

Just got my TAZ today. Z and Y axis were way off. Z axis was about 1/2" off the glass. When homing, the nozzle bashes into the front left bracket. How can I adjust the x and y axis settings.



Fwiw, this was answered via phone. I don’t have the details.

Unfortunately the solution was to move the left front plate bracket so the extruder wouldn’t hit it. So I have only three brackets holding the bed. :frowning:

Using only three of the bed finger clamps turned out to be problematic. Last night, while printing a larger part, the left back bed finger clamp popped out and the spring flew out into the ether. So I loosened the eight screws which hold the Y-Axis bolt assemblies and slid the Y-Axis bed forward until the home position did not interfere with the left front clamp. Now I need to find a spring for my left back clamp. For now, I replaced the missing spring with part of a read packing clamp that I didn’t really need. I adjusted the other three clamps to level things out (sort of).

I could see that these springs could get lost whenever the bed is removed. It might be a good idea to have spares.


I recieved my Taz today and I’m having an issue with the X axis. When I do the calibration print, the -X portion is off the platform.

You can adjust the x homing location by moving the 4 Y-axis mounting points on the lower portion of the frame. Before doing that I would manually home all 3 axis to determine how much it needs to be moved, if any. At times the front left glass clip needs to be moved slightly out of the way of the nozzle.

Thanks for the reply! That makes sense as a way to adjust the position. I will try it out tomorrow.