Setup and use.

Lessons so far.

I need to replace a melted Lower left corner platen clip.
going to 0,0,0 with a hot extruder clobbered the clip.
These should probably be Aluminum or BECu.

I have printed several parts, few issues so far, mostly Z axis setup, and priming the extruder.

4 easy prints so far, no issues other than poorly edited G-Code on my part.

Looking for a chart with Material, Temperatures, rates. Starting my own spreadsheet but would appreciate a link to data if available.
Very good investment so far.

We have some information here: Filaments.

smswedenburg, I’d recommend loosening the y axis mounts and sliding the whole thing towards you about 10-20mm. This will prevent the nozzle from striking the bed clip when at zero.


or just rotate the foot that clamps the glass 30 degrees or so…so it is out of the way, but still clamping

1013, that really doesn’t work (at least with my TAZ it didn’t). As-shipped, the zero point appears to be precisely on the corner of the glass. The only way to keep the hot end from striking the clamp is to either move the whole Y axis a bit as I suggested, or remove the clip. There’s no position where it’ll be out of the way as long as it’s present.


I’ve been able to just move the glass clip out of the way as well.

It’s possible that your Y-slide is in a slightly different place than mine. Or perhaps your X-axis (or Y-axis) limit switch is pushed in more, allowing the slide to shift over more…I could see moving the home switch in X or Y a small amount fixing your issue.

These things can shift a little in shipping too, and maybe your whole Y axis assembly is sitting in a slightly different spot than on my machine.

is it possible to adjust the x axis limit switch? my extruder homes to x ~3mm towards the center of the bed, thus at the very extreme of x the extruder is off the bed entirely.

Take a look at the X axis endstop which is built into the motor X end. The plastic housing of the endstop microswitch should just be visible. You can adjust that as needed for a few millimeters by loosening the small set screw within the brass insert above the endstop microswitch. Tighten the set screw to secure the endstop once you have it positioned.