Is ABS Dishwasher Safe/OK?

Made a couple of cookie cutters using ABS, can they be just thrown in the dishwasher of should they be washed by hand?


Warping is a possibility in the dishwasher. You will just have to test it.

Thanks - thought might be the case - also depends probably on if it is air dry or heated drying

Be careful with FDM prints and food. Use a stainless steel nozzle to minimize exposure to lead. There may be little gaps between the layers that can be difficult to clean.

This is a cookie cutter

I have seen concerns about the microscopic cracks on FDM and would be hesitant to use it for say soup bowls, mugs etc. Seems I saw way back (just got my Mini 2 a few months ago - so still real new to things and have only designed one original project) that some folks would slop acetone on things to try and seal little cracks.

Thanks much for the heads up.