Is there a FlexyStruder V2 DIY Guide?

I noticed the Lulzbot site has a V1 FlexyStruder writeup but I don’t see a V2 build guide. Is the V1 pretty much the same as V2?

Anyone know if a V2 writeup exists?


I haven’t seen a V2 write up, but it’s identical with the exception that the V2 doesn’t have the side adjustment screw. Filliament diameters, tube diameters, drill bits required, etc. None of that has changed as far as I can see.

The 5-6 V2 versions I have made I used the same tubing and drill bits as I used making the old V1 flexy. :slight_smile:

So what was the main idea behind a V2? Is there any upgrade?


The V1 tension screw didn’t work for some people, the V2 body was strengthened around the tube that gets drilled out, and is designed to accept a hexagon hotend rather than a Buddaschnozzle. The Hexagon also has a smaller melt chamber than a Buddaschnozzzle did, which affects flow rate for that type of filament significantly, so they changed the nozzle size to 0.6mm to compensate. The V2 also has provision for the always on barrel cooling fan, etc.

So this represents a lot of changes. What do you recommend I do. I do not want to build the V1 if the V2 has so many performance based upgrades. From what I understand there is no DIY guide yet to build this so I guess my option would be to just purchase one online and forget about building one right now. I was trying to find the print files but wasn’t able to.

What do you think?

How is this?