Building a Flexistruder V2

I am going to need a Flexistruder v2 for my Taz 5 pretty soon and Lulzbot is out of stock. I don’t think it would be hard to build one. However I have been searching the forum and for hours and can’t figure out exactly what all I will need. I am not new to making things just looking for some sort of guide to help me along the way. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!

Steps to build a Flexystruder V2:

  1. Source a hexagon hotend with a 0.60mm nozzle. E3D V6 nozzles are compatable with the hexagon, and makergeeks has a good selection, make sure you get a 3mm bore nozzle and not a 1.75mm one.
  2. Source a length of PTFE tube from mcmaster Carr (part numbers are in the Flexystruder BOM under Order the following drill bits at the same time:
    3.5mm drillbit
    6.5mm drillbit
    8mm drillbit
    3.Source the mechanicals (motor, hobbed bolt, wade gears, fans, etc.
  3. Print an extruder mount carriage
  4. Print the flexystruder body and any of the gears
    Drill the filliament hole out from the top with the 6.5mm drillbit and insert the PTFE tube. Cut it flush with the top of the flexystruder and the top of the hexagon hotend insert hole on the bottom.
  5. Drill all the way down the PTFE tube with the 3.5mm drill bit, to make the hole large enough for fillament
  6. Drill down the center hobbed bolt hole with the 8mm drill bit to remove a section of the PTFE tube so the hobbed bolt can actually grab the fillament.
  7. Assemble everything, then go print something.

Assembly guide for the V1:
This is identical except the V2 doesn’t have the heat set insert and adjustment lug on the side, and the V2 has the hexagon mount on the bottom.

There is another skywalker…

Thought I would post a picture of the latest Polycarbonate one I built. Yes it has a .6MM E3D nozzle in it.

That looks SWEET!