Issues as of late with my mini and aero need some help

I have had my mini v1 for a while now and its been a great printer. I upgraded to the Aerostruder as soon as it came out. It has been printing great but now its starting to show some issues. Please see the pictures for details of my issues.

The ways I have tried to resolve it.
-Cura 3.2.21 firmware
-checked all belts
-checked all screws
-changed maerial
-changed temps and cooling many times

should i worry about small slack in the bearings on the bed?
is this just wear and tear and i need to replace something?

Any suggestions would be great.


Well looking at your pictures it looks like the problem appears after the print gets off the bed a little. So I would look at the control board for heating issues since it seems to affect both X and Y directions. It might be the Z axis is not advancing correctly and over extruding on those layers. YMMV.

Ok thanks for the tip perhaps the fan is out on the inside of the unit. I’ll check it out and let you know.

Check the toolhead… seems like something might be loose or broken.

Turns out the chassis fan connector was loose and everything is printing fine now. good catch!

Glad to hear it was a simple fix. Could you maybe add photos of same prints redone so people could see the difference for future reference?