Just received mini 2 and extruder is not aligned

So, I received a mini 2 from another teacher and when I went to print I looked at where the extruder head was touching and it was off and then when it went to wipe the extruder is infront of the head wipe area. How do I calibrate it so I have everything correct. Do I need to move the X and y axis

It normally “homes” itself by moving the X, Y, and Z axis to detect it’s end-stops. This “zeros” the home position for each axis.

Are you using Cura LulzBot Edition (aka “Cura LE”) to control it? You can download it here: LulzBot | Cura

You should also go in the “Preferences” panel for Cura, select the “Printers” category and make sure the correct printer is selected. It will likely say “LulzBot Mini 2 | SE | 0.50 mm” (it lists both the printer model and toolhead).

You can use Cura LE to update the Mini 2 to the latest firmware (if you download the latest version from the LulzBot site it will include the firmware). Go into that same Preferences → Printers menu … pick the correct printer, then click “Upgrade Firmware”. You will get a warning that you should record the current “E-Steps” and “Z-offset” as those will be reset to factory defaults when you update firmware. You can get both of those values from the printer’s LCD menu.

I was only doing home from the LCD screen. I didn’t have my laptop with cura. I will give that a go tomorrow. Thanks for the input

You can still “slice” your parts using Cura LE … then save the “.gcode” to disk (which can be direct to the SD card if your computer has an SD card slot … or you can use a SD card adapter that connects to a USB port).

But you would still want to use Cura LE and define the Mini 2 on your computer … because this inserts “Start G-code” in front of the print job so that it will go through the process of cleaning the nozzle prior to performing the bed-leveling. The nozzle should be mostly clean (at around 180°C any excess filament stuck to the nozzle can be pulled off easily with tweezers). The printer will use the cleaning pad to polish the nozzle fairly clean. But any filament stuck that doesn’t come off can act as an insulator and result in a failed bed-leveling. This is why you want to make sure to use LulzBot’s “Start G-code” (built into Cura LE).

You can use 3rd party slicers … but have to know how to modify the g-code to accommodate the nozzle wiping and bed-leveling function. If you are new to 3D printing then this will be the easiest course. If you are experienced you can likely work-out how to copy and modify the Start G-code to work with other slicers.

Also… if you are new to 3D printing, LulzBot Cura Edition already has filament profiles for many popular filaments on the market … but certainly not all. But 3D printing can be frustrating … so it’s best to start with easy filaments (typically PLA) and selecting a filament that already has a profile in Cura LE … which reduces the guess-work for you. I often need to tweak the profiles a bit … but they are a pretty good starting point to getting successful prints.

Thanks for the information. I got my issue solved when I got it hooked up to cura, I had changed out the tool head and needed to make those changes in the print manager and then update the firmware and it has been good to go since