Legacy Mini failing clean/probe calibration

I’m trying to just do a simple test print but I can’t get past the cleaning/calibration part because the nozzle overshoots the cleaning pad and the little square section of the nozzle grinds against the black cleaning pad holder. It also misses the front-left washer. The bed doesn’t go in enough and the nozzle pushes into the bed, bending it and making me very uncomfortable.

I thought I could change the X nozzle offset in the Machine Settings but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Am I missing something?

What slicer (include version) and what firmware (include version) is on the printer? The cleaning / calibration is partially contained in the start gcode which is added when you slice the part. The version of the slicer and the version of the firmware need to be compatible for it to be successful.

I’m using the Cura Lulzbot Edition 3.6.37 and the Firmware on the printer is

Which Legacy Mini is it? A better question is does CuraLE 3.6.37 want to load firmware version

Next check would be to examine the start gcode being generated. You can open the printer settings, type ctrl-A, ctrl-C in the start gcode area and then post it here after clicking the Preformatted text tool above (</>).

Another option is to create a new printer profile and verify that the start gcode is the same as the printer profile you are using.

We are trying to make sure that the start gcode and the firmware are compatible. Do you have some older gcode files that worked? If so, we can compare the start gcode to make sure the current version of CuraLE hasn’t messed things up.

Is anything in this topic relevant?