latest flexydualie files

Hi, can someone point me to the latest FlexyDualie files/info?
I’m interested in building the dual extruder but my primary interest is with ninjaflex as the second filament.


I dont see any .stl or gcode files at that location. are those available somewhere?

Hmm, there are some in here, including the FreeCAD source, but I’m not sure if they are the latest. Also not sure why they are in the novelties directory:

I’ll see where the latest files are, if they aren’t those.


thanks Jeff,i’ll wait to hear for an update.
Most of the files I see n that folder appear to be test models.


The FlexyDualie is identical to the standard dual extruder, but with a flexystruder body mounted in place of one of the 2 standard gregs wade extruders. It also comes standard with 0.5mm nozzles instead of the .35mm nozzles on the standard dual, this helps significantly with the ninjaflex printing speed.

To build a flexydualie you’ll need:

1x assembled flexystruder body (V1.1)

1x assembled greg’s wade extruder (you can use the one from your standard toolhead or : the stl files for these parts are located in the printed parts section of all of our TAZ devel directories

1x lower bracket V1.1

1x flex plate V0.9

1x dual extruder mount V1.3

Assembly instructions for the dual are here, just instal the flexystruder body in place of the front greg’s wade extruder.

Happy printing!