Lines in print, need help please!

I started getting these lines in my print, it started a couple days ago, I thought maybe it was simplify3D’s settings, so I downloaded cura and printed this hollow cube to test it, as you can see I still get the lines. I am not sure what to do at this point and looking for some tips. my printer used to print pretty smooth and clean except for some zits or blobs, which I didn’t mind so much, but these lines are driving me crazy. As you can see it only happens every so layers. Please help me figure this out.
Here is a hollow cube printed in the newest Cura to date, on standard lulzbot profile (downloaded from the page) This is a Taz 5 as well. I have been using the same filament for over a year so I know it is not the filament.

Looks like either z wobble or extrusion weirdness. Did one of the leadscrews get hit recently?

No it hasn’t

Here is the link to a very good print quality resource. It includes the issue you’re having.

Possibly loose belts?

If both programs do it then it’s likely hardware related (or filament related, try another roll to eliminate this).

It’s been doing it for about a month, I have tried several filaments, and that does not seam to be the case, I think it is hardware related

The banding is z-wobble… search the forums for “solutions”. The lead screws usually have a bend in them from manufacturing. When in phase the banding can be exacerbated.

You can try to give one of the lead screws an eighth to quarter turn while the machine is powered off. This could lessen the banding effect.

Make sure the lead screws have a good coating of white lithium grease…

FWIW, I think the banding starts to go away as the parts start to wear down… not sure if its the thread in the gantry or the lead screws.