List of Items That Wear Out

I bought a used Taz 5 and I’ve had a great time calibrating and tuning ALL THE THINGS. However, I can’t shake this feeling that there will be components on the printer that wear out, or could already be wore out. Maybe a gear, maybe a belt, or something… I’ve read the Lulz documentation and read about bushings and lithium grease. However, I haven’t seen a good checklist going through the components checking for health. Has anyone written anything like that? Is there a list of parts that will wear out with heavy use and a way to do a health check on the components? I’m looking for photos of worn out extruder gears, broken parts, worn or mis-tensioned belts, common warrantied items, etc.

Am I being a 3D-printer-hypochondriac?

Small extruder gear is the most likely wear point. Large extruder gear after that. Then the extruder 608zz bearings, though the Taz 4 and newer used sealed bearings there so they last longer. The Igus bushings will wear after heavy use, if you have carriage or bed play on the rails it may be time to think about replacing some or all of those. The belts should not wear out during the expected lifespan of the printer itself unless they are wearing on something. The extruder idler latch and extruder body can occasionally wear out as well, but thats rare.

Fuses, heater cores and thermistors are good to keep around but do not need replacing until an issue occurs.

Lucas Oil White lithium grease goes on the leadscrews as needed, no lubrication on the bearing rods since the Igus bushings are self lubricating.

Everything else should be fine. Most failures of parts aside from the gears can be made to work long enough to print a replacement. It’s never a bad idea to tune your 3d printer though. Welcome to the Taz club!

Then, all of my bushings are worn out from first day on :wink: The Igus have some play from their design…

Alot of it you can minimize with adjustment to the bearing holder position. For what you can’t, there’s always the Openbuilds extrusion modification route!