Loading profile settings directly from SD card

New user here…Am I missing how to load profile settings (i.e. PLA_Cura_fast, etc.) directly from the SD card to my TAZ5? I see how to load a part file to print on the LCD display, but what if I’m not using my computer and I want to update the profile for a particular run of parts?

Thanks for any advice.

The control board that the SD card is plugged into only reads/understands the control code(gcode) that is contained on the SD card to print the part… The profiles are used by the slicing software on your computer(CuraEngine/Slic3r) to create the printer control code files that you save to the SD card to allow you to print on the printer without your computer having to be attached to print the model with. Thus freeing up your computer to be used for other things or taken elsewhere to be used.

I see. So Cura and slic3r basically act as the compiler which makes all the settings inclusive in the g-code? Thus making a separate on board profile data file irrelevant?