Send GCode in Linux to printer

I am wondering what might be the best way to send gcode files to the printer (TAZ 5)? I don’t like to use the SD all the time. Right now I am slicing with Slic3r, but don’t know how to get it to the printer fast.

I am really new to this, but Cura looks nice but is very limited IMHO.

I know this questions is overwhelming but probably you want to let me know what software combination you use for engineer prototyping in Linux or Windows or Mac:

Printer control:

If your using a TAZ 5 what is wrong with Cura? I know it comes in Mac version I don’t know about Linux, same way with Simplify 3D which I use on my MakerGear M2. Neither are Design software, and both have ways to send to the printer via USB or SD card. If your printing a large file or for me anything over an hour I print from the SD card.

I use Autodesk Fusion 360 for design.

I use Cura under Debian with my TAZ 5 almost exclusively. I occasionally use Slic3r and then use printrun on my Debian system to drive the printer. I am using an Intel NUC as my printer’s computer. I’ve attached it to the frame right next to the LCD panel.

On my Mini, I use a Raspberry Pi 2 with Octoprint installed. Then just use the web interface to control the printer and handle the gcode. With a Taz, you should be able to upload direct to the SD card and have it print from there. At least, I think it can do that.

The octoprint setup is nice as it’s networked, so I can print from anywhere. I even have a camera set up so I can watch it print and check in on it remotely. I’ve seen options in it to upload to the printer’s SD card, though I obviously haven’t used them as the Mini doesn’t have one. With the Pi setup, I’m not sure why I would want to vs just storing it on the Pi SD card, but it’s nice to have options.

I’ve sent gcode generated from Cura and Simplify3D. I see no reason it wouldn’t work from Slicer as well. I’ve been doing it all in Linux lately, which seems to work fine.

Workflow is pretty simple. Save the gcode, switch to the web browser and file browser windows, drag and drop the gcode to the printer. Click print. I just leave the browsers open to the proper locations to make it fast when I’m working with the printer. It would be really nice if there were options in the slicer apps to upload to Octoprint, but this works well.