What files are essential to have on the SD card for a taz5

I am changing over to a Macbook from the Windows based PC. Are there any files that I should put on the SD card when I change?

I might not understand the question, but I think it doesn’t really matter. Changing which computer you’re using doesn’t affect the SD card at all, and the only files you need on the SD card are the .gcode files you wish to print. I’ll also mention, if the version of Cura LE you’re going to use on the Macbook is different form the version you used on the Windows PC, you might want to reflash the TAZ 5’s firmware to make sure it matches your version of Cura.

The pc compatiable card isn’t compatible with the Mac platform so if I start a new card to have projects initiated on the Mac I will be saving them to the card too so as to allow me to use octoprint etc without the laptop.
I just wanted to make sure I have a good set of tools on the card if I need to do anything without the laptop basically.
I will double check the firmware although I do think I have updated it fairly recently via the mac’s cura le interface.
Thank you I really appreciate your insight.