LulzBolt Mini printing USB goes idle at different times

Hi Everyone,

I am printing sol files generated from with a LulzBolt mini from a PC running Windows 10 (4GB RAM, Intel pentium 2-167 GHz)and Cura LulzBot 3.2.23. Often, the printer goes idle in the middle of the print while keeping the hotted and bed temperatures constant. This has happened with different files and even within the same file at different times during the print. I have disabled all power management over USB drives and the PC so I think this is not because of power issues. Has anyone experienced something similar or has any ideas in how to fix this? Thanks a lot.

Just to make sure, when you updated Cura did you also make sure to flash your firmware on the printer? A problem with communication would cause what you are seeing and not having the right firmware would cause issues with communication. On that same vein of thinking, did you turn off your screensaver? Since you disabled the power management this probably won’t be an issue but it never hurts to be thorough, a screensaver can cause your USB ports to get turned off which would also cause the issue you are seeing so if you haven’t already be sure to turn off your screensaver.

See the “Issues with prints Pausing after Cura and firmware updates” in the software forum. There is a new version of Cura (3.2.30) that seems to have fixed the same problem for me.