Lulzbot branded hips measuring large variance

Hey guys, I have some Lulzbot branded hips and have been seeing some bad prints from it so decided to measure the filament diameter and noticed a huge swing in size. It’s going from 3.5mm to 2.7mm then 2.9mm then back up to 3.1mm too me this seems way too off and most likely the reason I’m seeing such bad prints using hips. Has anyone else ran into this issue?

I’ve been through a few spools of Lulzbot HIPS, multiple colors. Most purchased directly from Lulzbot, and some from Amazon. It has all been very consistent, every spool between 2.84 and 2.90 and variation within an individual spool more like .03mm.

Sounds like a bad spool or bad batch… I’d say contact the seller and ask for a replacement.

Most spools of eSun HIPS filament have consistent diameter. In my experience, about 5% of eSun spools have extreme bulges, large enough to cause a jam. There is often more than one bulge section of filament on a bad spool.