Lulzbot Cura download links broken and appears to be down

I maintain and noticed today that all download links for Debian and Ubuntu found at appear to be broken. This also means my ArchLinux AUR package is unable to download.

I’m getting nothing trying to download the Cura installer.

They appear to have moved everything to gitlab during the transition. It would be nice if they would announce these things and update links.

I found that too, but I don’t see the windows installer. I don’t have the tools to compile for Windows. I will keep looking. I noticed a lot of people were downloading the entire repository. That was a great idea, but I am too late.

ajrobertsx, the links in the binary (executable) repo you’re looking at are just pointing to the wrong thing – they’ll fix that soon, one hopes. In the meantime, just click on the link named “windows” in the screenshot you posted – that’ll bring you to another page that will list all of the windows installers. Pick the one you want, click on that link, and it’ll download it.

I didn’t now they were moving to GitLab, that’s cool. However, I don’t see any packages there for download and this just points to dead links:

Wow, I feel quite dumb. I didn’t realize this until just a few hours go: "Rumors" of Lulzbot Closing by End of October 2019

I’ve finally been able to build from source on ArchLinux.

In case anyone finds this thread today, it seems they have fixed the link and it currently points to for all windows versions up to 3.6.21.

Good. Mac seems to be there but still no Linux version of Lulzbot Cura…

I see releases on GitLab now but the links for Debian below v3.6.21 point to cura-lulzbot_3.2.21_amd64.deb and the PPA on is still down.

Any word on the Ubuntu release? The current DEB appears to be broken.

Anybody on Lulzbot side to assist us with that problem?

For information, I was able to have Cura Lulzbot Edition 3.6.21 on Linux by installing Fedora 31 instead of Ubuntu. Just launch command line “dnf install cura-lulzbot” once installed.