Lulzbot Mini 2 grinding during Auto Home

My Mini 2 has been making a lot of grinding noises as it moves, lately. It’s happening in several places, but most noticeably, it happens when I have it auto home (from the printer control panel). There, it’ll move to the home position on the x-axis, grind loudly and stop. On occasion it’ll halt with a “homing failed” message.

Is there possibly a switch or something going bad?

Check your Sensorless home (bump) sensitivity settings.

Settings → advanced → TMC Drivers → Sensorless Homing
Default is X: 3, Y: 3
The lowest sensitivity setting for TMC 2130 drivers used in the Einsy Retro Board is +63, and highest sensitivity is -64. First try at 3 if it’s been changed from stock, and if it’s already there, keep reducing the number until it’s reliably homing.