Lulzbot Mini 2 with Octoprint - Printer Reset Detected - Remove SD Card

I am a total noob but I just wanted to post this up for anyone other noobies having a similar problem since I couldn’t find this on google.

I have a Lulzbot Mini 2 which I wanted to use wirelessly.
I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and flashed octoprint on it, followed all the instructions.
Everything went smoothly EXCEPT I was constantly getting “printer reset detected warning”.

(Side issue, every time I cycle power I have to do “level x-axis” because the right side droops a bit, is this normal?)

The SD card was full up with files (previous owner) and looking at the logs for some reason the “start” command was sent out at some point when listing the SD contents.
This would throw that warning.

Removed the SD card from the printer and all seems to be well for now. I’m able to use the controls on the Mini 2 itself without Octopi throwing any errors at me.

If you are experiencing this try removing your SD card or at least removing most of the files from it.